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One day Arie found himself chatting away with Arturo, his family's life long electrician, soon after they started talking he found out about Arturo's wife Maria, who lives back in Chiapas, and is a traditional telar de cintura artesana.

Arturo was so proud of his wife's work that he started showing Arie photos, and let's say Arie was immediately inspired. The beautiful colors, patterns, and designs he saw made his head spin in excitement, he couldn't wait to hear more about Maria, her traditions, and the story behind this specific telar de cintura craft.

Arturo came back the next day ready to connect Arie and Maria, after multiple conversations Maria explained how her mother taught her how to tejer using telar de cintura at the age of 5 and how she's been doing it ever since!

Arie got on the phone and called me right away, he was ready with an idea that would help Maria reach new borders, and that's the story of how Casa Xali's first artesana came on board.