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About Casa Xali

In Spanish, "casa" means home, a place where you're surrounded by the people and things you love. The most fundamental form of a casa is your body, or your "cuerpo." Our bodies "house" our minds, support and sustain us, and empower us to take on the physical world. They are our most valuable possessions and should be adorned with beautiful accessories that reflect our identities.

In the Aztec language Nàhuatl, "Xali" (sha-lee) means sand, and represents movement, flow, and a connection to Mother Earth. We started Casa Xali to preserve traditional Mexican mastery and introduce these handmade crafts to the modern world.

Our Mission

By collaborating with local artisans, our mission is to start a chain of positive events that bridges small pueblos to big cities and empowers these communities to share and preserve their unique craftsmanship.

In Spanish, there's a saying "aportar un granito de arena" which can be interpreted as "make a positive impact, no matter how small." Casa Xali is our "granito de arena" (our grain of sand).

All Casa Xali items are handmade in Mexico by local artisans,  Get to know each unique craft and artisanal process, get to know each unique craft and artisanal process.

5% of all sales are donated to RAICES, an organization that defends and fights for the rights of immigrants and refugees.