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Casa Xali x Siete foods

Casa Xali recently partnered with Siete foods on a series of handmade projects.

The first project was an embroidered towel featuring delicate designs, hand embroidered by the skilled artisans of Chenalhó, Chiapas. The towel was part of a limited edition PR package Siete foods sent to a dedicated group.

Next, Casa Xali worked with Siete foods to create a hand embroidered apron for the launch of their new cookbook. The apron featured beautiful embroidered designs and was a hit with both home cooks and professional chefs alike who received the apron as a gift. 

Finally, for the launch of Siete foods' annual holiday tradition, the release of their famous buñuelos, Casa Xali created a series of handmade Christmas ornaments to match the design in the buñuelos bag. These ornaments were a hit and added a festive touch to anyone who received the beautiful holiday decorations.

Overall, the partnership between Casa Xali and Siete foods has been a great success, and the two companies plan to work together on more projects in the future. If you'd like to partner with us please send an email to